DevOps Skills

This is a comprehensive list of DevOps skills you should have so you will have access to the best DevOps careers out there. Please let us know if there are more skills not listed below so we can update and make this list better and more accurate. Please share it through the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Experience with infrastructure automation tools

-Windows PowerShell DSC

Fluency with web languages


Configuration languages

Knows how to script


Knows how to code


Cloud Experience

-Amazon AWS
-Google Cloud Platform
-Windows Azure

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Familiarity with Continuous Integration tools

-ThoughtWorks’ Go
-Urbancode’s Anthill Pro
-Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server
-Jetbrains’ Team City

Knows version control / change management


-Visual Studio Online


Knows performance monitoring tools


Other Skills

Extensive knowledge of software build cycles
Experience deploying code
Experience in software architecture
Familiarity with application programming
Database management
System design

Useful experience and certifications include:

Project Management
Risk Management
Scrum Master

An Impeccable SysAdmin

-must be a senior level Windows/Linux Admin with 5 or more years of experience

Must have virtualization experience

-must have 3 – 5 years of virtualization experience with VMware, KVM, Xen, Hyper-V, or whichever favor hypervisor are running in a hiring organization’s private cloud

Knowledge of Infrastracture
-both classic/datacenter based and cloud infrastructure components

Must understand storage and networking, load balancing

Should know bug management systems

Should know collaborative documentation systems

Access Management Skills

Password management skills

-Packaging files: ZIP, TAR, GZIP
-Packaging for deployment: RPM, Debian, DNF, Zypper
-Packaging for the cloud: AWS AMI, VMWare template
-Docker/containers for microservices

File Transfer

-Code pushing using system level file transfer tools
-Scripting using SSH libraries like Paramiko

Job management

Files and Storage

Text processing

Troubleshooting toolkit

-Curl and Wget
-API management tools

Data Repositories
-RDBMS: MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres
-ANSI SQL: DML, aggregation functions
-Hadoop: HDFS, HBase, Hive, Pig

Cloud Programming

Site reliability skills
-*nix systems mastery and understands Linux distributions
-comfortable with Terminals
-knows how to get the CPU/system info like cat /proc/version, /proc/cpuinfo
-knows how to identify OS on machines like cat /etc/lsb-release
-set/unset ENV variables
-shell configuration files like ~/.bashrc, .bash_profile, .environment
-Vim, .vimrc
-swapping: swapon -s, /proc/sys/vm/swappiness, sysctl vm.swappiness
-DNS: Bind, Unbound, PowerDNS, Dnsmasq, recursive, authoritative, troubleshooting ( nslookup, dig ), A, AAAA, C, CNAME, TXT records
-set-up caching server: Squid
-set-up load balancer: HAproxy
-init system, Systemd, SysV, systemctl, journalctl, gcc
-tar, tar.gz
-firewalls: iptables/ufw, rules, list rules, route traffic, block a protocol/port
-CI/CD tools: Travis CI, Buildbot, GoCd, Selenium
-version control system commands: pull/push/commit/clone/branch/merge/logs
-containers: cgroups, namespaces
-Docker: logs / inspect / top / ps / rm
-ext4, ntfs, fat, Union filesystems
-staging servers
-PaaS, Iaas, Saas, CaaS, FaaS, DaaS, serverless arhitecture
-OSI model, tcp/ip model, vxlan
-process monitoring commands: ps, top, htop, atop
-system performance commands: nmon, iostat, sar, vmstat
-network troubleshooting/analysis: nmap, tcpdump, ping, traceroute, airmon, airodump
-HTTP status codes: 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx
-IDEs: Sublime Text, Atom, Eclipse
-Network packet analysis: tcpdump, Wireshark
-Kernel versions and patching
-SSL/TLS, digital certificates
-checksums: md5, SHA
-Monolithic, Microservices architecture
-ChatOps, Hubot, Lita, Cog
-zero downtime deployment, rollbacks, self-healing, auto-scalibility
-Lambda functions, JMS, CRUD
-stateless / stateful applications

Experience in process re-engineering

Workload containerization: RKT, LXC

Cloud Infrastructure Management: DigitalOcean

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