USA’s Weirdest Town Names

This doesn’t need any introduction. Let’s get down and dirty into the weirdness of the following American city names.

Idiotville, Oregon

It got its name due to the fact that a spot in this town is so remote only an idiot would go there. They called it Idiotville and the name stuck and was applied to the whole town itself since it is a ghost town anyway.

Hell, Michigan

There are two theories for the origin of Hell’s name.

Theory 1:
In the 1830s, Germans were touring the place one sunny afternoon, and one said to the other, “So schön hell!” which translates as “So beautifully bright!”. Their comments were overheard by some nosy locals and it was trending like crazy but only the last word stuck. #SoSkoonHell
After Michigan became a state, George Reeves was asked what he thought the town he helped settle should be called and responded, “I don’t care, you can name it Hell for all I care.” The name became official on Oct. 13, 1841.

Theory 2:
It is called Hell because the early explorers encountered “hell-like” conditions in this place including mosquitos, thick forest cover, and extensive wetlands.

Hopeulikit, Georgia

The town’s unusual name emanates from a 1920s-era dance hall situated at the junction of U.S. Route 80 & U.S. Route 25, where the current-day town is located.

Why, Arizona

The town derives its name from the fact that the two major highways, State Routes 85 and 86, originally intersected in a Y-intersection. At the time of its naming, Arizona law required all city names to have at least three letters, so the town’s founders named the town “Why” as opposed to simply calling it “Y.”

Nothing, Arizona

Whynot, Mississippi

The typical explanation for this town’s name is, at a meeting to come up with the town name, some tired and frustrated town father calls out, “Well, why not name it Whynot?”, the meeting adjourns and everyone goes to bed. There’s also Whynot, North Carolina.

Peculiar, Missouri

Theories of Peculiarity

Theory 1: Annoyed Ed
The community’s first postmaster, Edgar Thomson got sick and tired of giving out name suggestions and getting rejected so many times that he wrote to the Postmaster General himself to complain. The PG’s response was: “We don’t care what name you give us so long as it is sort of ‘peculiar’.” Thomson submitted the name “Peculiar” and the name was approved.

Theory 2: Connecticut Connection
According to folklorist Margot McMillen, early settlers were looking for a farm location. As they cleared a rise and looked down, one remarked “Well that’s peculiar! It’s the very place I saw in a vision back in Connecticut.” The land was bought and a village sprang up on it which was named “Peculiar”.

Boogertown, North Carolina

Well this name didn’t really come from boogers. People who made moonshine had to keep curious visitors away so they had to make up stories about evil spirits and bogeyman hiding in the woods.

Intercourse, Pennsylvania

The original name of this town was Cross Keys. In the year 1814, it was changed to Intercourse. One theory why the town is named intercourse is because of the two famous roads that intersect in this town. TBH, this is really a boring theory. They should have theorized about an actual intercourse. LOL, just kidding.

No Name, Colorado

The people here are just too lazy to come up with a name which made me so lazy to research further on why it is called No Name.

Okay, Oklahoma

They said the town got its name from OK Truck company but seriously, they obviously got it from Oklahoma.

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

The original name was Hot Springs but when the host of a radio show called “Truth or Consequences” promised he’ll do his show in the first town that changes its name to Truth or Consequences, Hot Springs was no more.

Uncertain, Texas

Located on the shore of Caddo Lake, Uncertain got its name from surveyors who were trying to delineate the Texas-Louisiana border and discovered that they were “uncertain” which side of the line they were on when they began surveying that part of the lake.

War, West Virginia

Formerly known as Miner’s City, War is the only place in the United States with this name. War is derived from War Creek which was a frequent battlepoint between Native Americans a long time ago.

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