Psychological Thrillers and Horror Movies to Watch


Disrupcity presents… a list of psychological thrillers and mind-bending movies you must watch! You can watch each of these movies by clicking on their corresponding movie streaming links.

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Here we go with the list! Arriba!!!

1> Triangle – If you’re not interested with psychological thrillers, this is the movie that’ll make you ask for more psychological thrillers. We highly recommend you watch this first before watching the others below. Maybe we are slightly biased because it is Melissa George in the lead role but hey, you let us know if this movie doesn’t deserve to be on the top spot. Watch here.

2> Shutter Island – This is sick. This is better than Inception. Take a ride to Shutter Island.

3> Donnie Darko – This movie is weird but in a good way. It’s a mind-bending combination of psychological thriller and Sci-Fi. We find this movie somewhat relaxing. Watch here.

4> Now You See Me – Woaah. We didn’t see that coming! Now You See Me, now you watch

5> The Machinist – Christian Bale is a method actor and he’s done a really great job in this movie aside from achieving a skeletal body frame. It’s too good that we can’t give you more details so as not to spoil it for you. Watch here.

6> Secret Window – A successful author who’s suffering from writer’s block retreated to a secluded cabin after discovering his wife had an affair. If you’ll watch this movie, expect the unexpected. That’s all we can say. Watch here.

7> A Beautiful Mind – He’s a genius, and just like some other geniuses, something’s gotta give. We like the mathematical equations and we like the scenes. Prepare for a shocking twist. Watch here.

8> Oldboy – Damn. We thought this movie is about a boy who was imprisoned for 20 years and didn’t grow up and is out for blood after his release. The story unfolded in a mysteriously weird ending. It’s mind-blowing (especially the scene where someone ate a bullet), psychological, and tragic. Damn. We bet you’ll say “damn” too at some point in the movie. Watch here.

9> Identity – We watched this movie a long time ago and couldn’t even remember exactly how things played out but we do remember that it is truly an awesome movie and deserves to be on this list. Watch here.

10> Lucy – This is a mind-bending Scientific movie. Literally. We like the genre and we like Scarlett Johansson. What more can you ask for? Watch here.

11> Memento – This movie will turn your brain into slip knots. Goodluck. Watch here.

12> Waking Life – At first, we weren’t interested in watching this movie because it is animated. But things got interesting by the minute and we got our minds blown all the way. It’s your turn. Watch here.

13> Prisoners – Guess who the kidnapper is. Watch here.

14> Enemy – When it’s Jake Gyllenhaal, expect weird things to happen, like a giant spider appearing from out of nowhere. Watch here.

15> Frailty – A family carries out a divine mission to slay demons as instructed by an angel. Sounds like a classic medieval film ain’t it? Watch here.

16> Frozen – See what happens when you’re stranded in a ski lift chair during a storm on a weekend at a mountain. And NO, this is NOT Disney’s animated film! Watch here.

17> The Butterfly Effect – This is another movie we watched a long time ago but yes, this is definitely a mind-blowing psychological thriller. WATCH – IT – here.

18> Sinister – This is a horror film but it has a very disturbing psychological effect and it’s really creepy (reminds us of The Ring) thus we go to great lengths tagging this movie as a psychological thriller. There are also some bits of mind-bending elements you should see. Watch here.

19> The Exam – Eight smart people took the most terrifying exam of their lives to get a job. Watch here.

20> Red Lights – A psychologist meets a psychic. How psycho can this get? Watch here.

21> You’re Next – This is truly a kick-ass thriller with a bit of black comedy. If you’re into revenge movies, you should include this on your viewing list. This is not really a psychological thriller but we’d also like to include this on our list and don’t you dare complain. Just kidding. Watch You’re Next.

22> Extracted – We wonder why they didn’t categorize this movie as Psychological Thriller. Even though extracting memories using some high tech equipment is in the realm of Sci-Fi, the psychological side-effects truly elevates it into the aforementioned label. Watch here.

23> Vacancy – Another thriller which should be marked “Psychological”. We’re sick of hard-selling these movies as PTs so let’s set things straight from this point onwards.. This is a dictatorship and all the movies here are Psychological Thrillers or Mind Benders!!! Now, let’s get back to business, watch Vacancy here.

24> Seven – We’re not really impressed with this movie but a lot of people online say this is a great movie that we are compelled to include it on the list, but we are really wondering why. Perhaps you can see for yourself and let us know what makes it great. Watch it here.

25> Fight Club – Well this is where Brad Pitt redeems himself from our bad review for Se7en. This is a Classic team up with Edward Norton. Watch The Fight Club.

26> Inception – Somehow, in our psychological minds, we mixed this movie up with Shutter Island. Hearing or reading Inception and Shutter Island is like looking at a big black and white Leonardo di Caprio poster. Did you mix the two movies up in your mind too? Watch Inception.

27> American Psycho – Christian Bale strikes back! Who knew he can be a joker? We bet he was better off playing The Joker than the Dark Knight. A dark comedy you should watch right here right now!

28> The Prestige – It’s Christian Bale again and this time he’s a magician! Wikipedia says it’s a drama film but a sigh of relief when we saw that it was directed by Christopher Nolan. Watch here.

29> Awake – This is a pretty witty movie. You gotta love Jessica Alba’s character. watch

30> Misery – We saw this movie around 2001 and we still haven’t recovered from the trauma of seeing those feet cut off by a psychotic fat woman. Watch Misery here.

31> Mulholland Drive – This is truly a psychotic movie. So weird and some people agree it’s so hard to explain or understand. You should watch it and let us know your take. Your next stop, Mulholland Dr.

32> Moon – This is a movie where space meets psychological thriller. watch

33> Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – This is where The Mask meets Titanic meets The Notebook vagina vagina vagina. Watch the movie here.

34> Primer – What would you want if you can have anything? Follow a group of men build something that all of us is missing the most. Watch Primer.

35> Predestinationwatch – Like Primer, this is also another time travel movie. We agree with one reviewer saying that the title of this movie should be “Go Fuck Yourself!”.

36> Gone Girl – Just when you thought he killed his wife, you’d realize there’s something else. Gone Girl

37> The Skeleton Key – A couple has a dark secret to longevity. Find out what it is through The Skeleton Key.

38> Limitless – A pill that let’s a person access 100% of his brain’s capabilities turns a struggling writer into a financial master. Limitless

39> Source Code – If you were the main character of this movie, you would find it a bummer to repeatedly be the victim of a bomb explosion. Go watch it here.

40> Side Effects – This is like Limitless but on steroids. Or maybe it’s just our imagination. Side Effects

41> Silence of the Lambs – Watch Jodie Foster get sperm-bombed by a lunatic. This is critically acclaimed we have to include it on the list even if we haven’t watched it yet. We will soon watch it here.

42> The Man From Earth – This man may be delusional or maybe immortal. You make that determination. Watch it here.

43> Stokerwatch – This is really a weird movie but it does have a target audience. If this movie excites you, then you are one of them!

44> Under The Skinwatch – We’re wondering why some reviewers rank this movie at top spots. If you have a clue, please let us know using the comments section below.

45> Adaptationwatch

The following movies are recommendations of readers like you and they are yet to be watched by our Viewing Team. They will be listed above with their deserved ranks accordingly. However, you can start giving us your opinions as to which number each of these movies should be on the list. Feel free to also let us know of any other movie that should be on this list.

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