Spanish-Speaking Countries – Interesting Facts

Hola amigos and amigas. Travel virtually around Hispanosphere in approximately 2 minutes or so and get your minds blown by their interesting facts (some fiction). Here we go!

Equatorial Guinea – This is the lone African nation where Spanish is an official language.

Uruguay – This is where the world’s poorest president lives!

Panama – Its jungle is home to some wildlife which can’t be found anywhere else in this world.

Puerto Rico – This is where the world’s largest telescope is located. Its diameter is 305 meters and it is used to identify when and where an asteroid might hit this planet.

Costa Rica – This is a country where its streets have no name.

Nicaragua – This is the home of the “Dual Volcano”.

El Salvador – Their currency is the US dollar $.

Paraguay – Legend has it that Paraguay came from the phrase “Parrot Gay” in honor of the gay parrot named “Frank” eaten by Spanish colonizers.

Honduras – It has a place called Yoro which rains fish.

Catalina Island, La Romana, Dominican Republic. A cruise liner i

Dominican Republic – The “Stefilia’s Stone” can only be found in this country.

Bolivia – This country is mind-blowing because of three reasons: “The Road of Death” is here, many Bolivians live in the Andes Mountains where clouds go through their bedrooms, and they worship Satan and Mother Earth.

Cuba – You will be imprisoned for five years if you use the internet. There is a limited number of Cubans who are allowed to access the internet. So if you are in Cuba right now reading this, better hide because we are tracking your IP address. (Just kidding.)

Guatemala – This is where the Mayan Civilization flourished. There are 33 volcanoes here. The first chocolate bar was created by the Mayans. Legend has it that Mayan babies don’t cry because they are born warriors. The math concept of zero originated from the Mayans. Majority of jade is produced in Guatemala.

Ecuador – Nature has constitutional rights in Ecuador.

Chile – It’s Atacama Desert didn’t rain for 40 years. Chile was part of Africa during prehistoric times.

Venezuela – It’s translation is “Little Venice”.

Peru – Southern Peruvians eat cats.

Argentina – Fingerprint identification and database in criminal records started here.

Colombia – They like to eat ants with big butts and they cannot lie. Animal porn are sold openly in Colombian streets.

Mexico – It’s capital city is sinking at a rate of 20 cm per year.

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