What is the best ERP System in Singapore?

This is an article that features companies providing the best Enterprise Resource Planning solutions in Singapore. They use the best technologies and provide cloud ERP software.

These companies provide ERP solutions for industries like building and construction, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, marine engineering, rental and service, waste management, field service management, and cleaning solutions.

They also provide ERP solutions with modules like business analytics, contract management, customer relationship management, equipment servicing management, financial management / accounting, human resource management, manufacturing solution management, project costing management, trading and distribution, and vertical extension.

The Picks:

  1. Kingdee
  2. Sage AccPac
  3. Adaptive BizApp ERP
  4. Synnove
  5. MSC Consulting
  6. Konverge ERP
  7. Infomaster
  8. DBCSoft
  9. Grandeur Pinnacle
  10. Focus 9
  11. Highnix
  12. TigernixERP
  13. Equip ERP
  14. Deskera

The Details:


The Kingdee K/3 ERP Solution is a revolutionary multi-lingual solution which integrates various departments and completely eliminates organizational silos, thus improving productivity for distributors as well as manufacturers.

It has six software suites:

  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management)
  • Human Resources
  • Kingdee Business Operation System

Compliant With Over Seas Regulations

With complex legal and statutory requirements, most western ERP solutions do not work in China. Having its development rooted in China, Kingdee K/3 transcends these issues. On top of that, Kingdee K/3 ERP solution is already compliant with SG, Malaysia, China and Hong Kong localizations. So, enterprises planning to spread to these regions will be able to integrate their operations in one unified ERP system.

The Language and International Currencies Factor

Singapore is a multi-lingual, multi-racial society and has many small, medium and large businesses either already spreading their wings overseas or are preparing to do so. It is imperative to have an ERP solution that caters to cross-border languages and government regulations. Employees in different geographies can communicate better through the multi lingual user interface of the K/3 and accounting departments can calculate taxation and carry out accounting through the multi currency facility of the K/3 ERP solution.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Kingdee K/3 for Your Operations

  • Completely complies with local statutory accounting regulations in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China and the built-in financial reports are fully endorsed and approved by the PRC government.
  • Seamlessly integrates with international accounting, third-party ERP, CRMs and SCM systems.
  • Provides users with English and simplified & traditional Chinese language user interface and accounting in international currencies.
  • Strong support by local consultants in Singapore who understand your business needs and 800-men strong research team in Asia who continuously enhance the software to meet your needs.
  • Provides comprehensive functionalities at the Most Reasonable Price (High ROI and Low TCO)

More about Kingdee

  • Awarded the SMB World Award 2013 for the ERP solution. SMB World is a magazine published by Computer World HK and highlights technology and business needs of Asian professionals in small and medium businesses.
  • Conferred the Capital Outstanding ERP Solutions Provider Award by Capital Magazine.
  • Reported by IDC, an authority on international surveys, in its China Enterprise Application Software Market Analysis Report for the Year 2012 as holding the major market share of ERP solutions to SMEs in China for nine consecutive years.
  • The best ERP solution for your enterprise should be a complete ERP solution that can be adapted to your company’s size, budget and operations. It should also be scalable, easy to use and ready for overseas deployment in places such as Malaysia, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
  • Kingdee K3 ERP software has been covered under one of the Singapore government grant scheme – iSPRINT as a section solution.

Some of Kingdee’s clients are Teck Seng Group, 3E Concept, Vega PTE LTD, and DPEX Worldwide Express.

2.Sage AccPac

The Sage Accpac ERP system is, at core, a sophisticated, robust accounting and operations system for small and midsized businesses. With their ERP system, you can create a perfect, lasting fit for your business by implementing only the modules you need today, then building out your financial system over time by adding more Sage Accpac ERP modules and Options products. With the Sage Accpac ERP system you can also enhance the productivity of your entire enterprise–beyond the back-office–with end-to-end solution, such as CRM, that integrate with Sage Accpac ERP accounting software.

Sage Accpac ERP accommodates the unique requirements you have today, and it readily adapts to meet your changing needs. They’ve found that these qualities make all the difference for owners of small and midsized businesses–leaders who realize that the ability to streamline their processes can be a prerequisite to growth, and who are likewise concerned about what impact that growth will have on their investment in technology.

Sage Accpac ERP accounting software offers the power, flexibility, and support you need to face today’s challenges with confidence and welcome the business and technological changes that are sure to come with your success.

Sage Accpac ERP is scalable. With three Sage Accpac ERP editions to choose from, you don’t have to worry about outgrowing your ERP system in the future.

Sage Accpac ERP is customizable. A modular structure and customizable screens and fields make it easy to tailor Sage Accpac ERP to your unique requirements. Learn more about creating a tailored accounting software solution..

Sage Accpac ERP works on the Web. Web, desktop, or both? The choice is yours with flexible deployment options.

Sage Accpac ERP is efficient and easy to use. A graphic interface that’s consistent from screen to screen makes for easy data entry and reporting.

Sage Accpac ERP is more than an accounting solution. Sage Accpac ERP integrates with an array of end-to-end solutions, such as CRM system; thereby enhancing the productivity and profitability of various businesses.

Sage Accpac ERP Architecture–Not Just An IT Benefit. Even if you don’t know what multitiered or object-oriented mean, you’ll feel the strength of Sage Accpac ERP’s architecture every time you take advantage of the system’s amazing flexibility. Learn more about the industry’s best architecture.

We have three Sage Accpac ERP editions to offer which gives you the complete freedom of choice, seamless integration, high performance and reliability that forward-thinking cmpanies rely on to increase profitability and gain competitive advantage :

Sage Accpac Premium ERP (Multi-user Concurrent). The complete business management solution for medium to enterprise level businesses

Sage Accpac Advanced ERP (Maximum 20 users Concurrent). Robust, modular business management solution for small to medium-sized businesses

Sage Accpac Standard ERP (Maximum 10 users concurrent). A comprehensive accounting and operation solution for small businesses.

Some of Sage AccPac’s customers are Webvisions Singapore, Kabeltec Singapore, and Nabtesco Marine Services.

3.Adaptive BizApp ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is usually bundled up with a broad set of activities that helps businesses automate its data collection, storage, management, and interpretation from various business sources like accounting, inventory, marketing, service delivery, etc.

ERP facilitates the flow of information between departments that can improve productivity, increase efficiencies, decrease costs and streamline processes.

4.Synnove ERP

Seamless integration & transparency across departments

Synnnove ERP allows seamless integration across departmental, intra-department and individual levels. Synnove ERP provides transparency, improved forecasting & visibility to take right business decisions at the right time.

In this age of well-informed customers with greater expectations and lesser brand loyalty, Organizations are losing their competitive advantage. Hence it is imminent for them to leverage technology to reduce the costs, align their workflow processes & overcome their business problems.

An ERP Software helps businesses meet up the above challenges and remove the obstacles in order to achieve greater sales and customer satisfaction.

Synnove provides Custom ERP Software for clients which suits variety of operations, requirements and staff strengths. They carry out exhaustive study and interactions with the client organization in order to make ERP Implementation hassle free, effective and cost-effective for small businesses.

SYNNOVE Cloud-ERP provides an effective means to improve productivity by removing inefficient practices, ensuring adherence to a manufacturing-plan, identification of bottlenecks and to keep things organized by ensuring processes are completed quickly and correctly.

SYNNOVE Cloud-ERP integrates all the data and segmented processes of an entire organization into a unified Information System. Their ERP Solution incorporates with various functions specifically intended for order entry, purchase, sales, finances, inventory management, distribution planning and human resources.

Key Modules of SYNNOVE ERP:

  • finance and accounting
  • store and purchasing
  • sales and marketing
  • production control
  • material managmeent
  • quality management

5.MSC Consulting

They cater to various types of enterprise solution for many industry such as manufacturing, service, warehouse and logistic, retails and etc. They continue seeking every possibility to simplify your business routine and automate updates of activities to the Enterprise Resource Planning system to reduce manual effort and save paper.

Vertical Solutions by Industry

Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Food Manufacturing
Project and Job Costing
Plastic and Precision Engineering
Bonded Warehouse and 3rd Party Logistics
Equipment Rental
Distribution and Retail
Property Management

Microsoft dynamic ERP
Specialising in Microsoft Dynamics, Sage and Enterprise Mobility Solutions.

MSC Consulting helps companies gain competitive advantages by eliminating duplications and creating synergies through the use of strategic solutions. This has proven to empower companies and enterprises with the robustness to better anticipate and respond to market

Why MSC Consulting
Streamline Process
Improve efficiency and gain real-time visibility into inventory, sales, purchasing and financial data.
Easy To Use
Microsoft Dynamics ERP offers solutions that are easy to use, so they are readily adopted across your organization.
Fast and Efficient
Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step, a streamlined
deployment methodology, improves the speed and quality of your implementation.

6.Konverge ERP

Konverge ERP Retail helps retailers to connect, optimize and transform their operations. Retailers use Konverge ERP Retail solution to seamlessly integrate among stores, warehouses, suppliers and headquarters, in order to bring about an unparalleled shopping experience to their customers and to drive customer loyalty.

Financials Management
The financials modules in Konverge incudes General Ledger, Accounts receivables and Account Payables, Bank Reconciliation and Budgeting. Outlets can also be managed as individual profit centres and consolidated into company P&L.

Article Number, Color and Size Function
In Konverge ERP Retail, all items can be listed by color and size. Item information can be entered easily with a pop-up matrix which allows users to key in quantity, color and size. The item number can be a combination of article number+color code+size code. Use of color and size improves inventory management and enables analysis of sales trends by sizes and colors, thereby assisting retailers in their merchandize assortment planning.

Inventory Management
Effective inventory management is critical to managing costs, measuring shrinkage and improving the customer shopping experience. Konverge inventory management includes goods receipt, stock transfer, stock adjustment and stock take modules. Konverge automatically updates stock levels whenever sales and purchases are made.

Sales Process Management
The sales process involves Sales Order process, AR Invoice, Delivery Order and Batch Process. Sales at each retail outlets are consolidated and exported into Konverge ERP sales order module. A batch process is activated to generate sales orders into AR invoices and stocks are deducted as sales are recognized.

Purchase Process Management
The purchase process involves Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Goods Receive Note, Purchase Return and AP Invoice. Purchase requisitions can be consolidated to one Supplier Purchase Order. Upon receiving the Items from supplier, users will capture the incoming items using PDAs. System will generate goods received note for items in ERP and GRN details will be exported to HQ POS outlet and inventory is tallied. AP invoices will be created in the system.

Some of Konverge ERP’s clients are Arena, Autovox, Convergent Systems, Casio, Kanshoku Ramen, Nico Steel Solutions, and Zenxin Organic.


InfoMaster ERP Software is the next generation of user-friendly and comprehensive Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. For the past 30 years, InfoMaster has assisted many companies in their day-to-day operation, financial, accounting and reporting needs. The heritage continues today with InfoMaster ERP Software Solution.

InfoMaster ERP Software adopts a task-based approach to accounting and operations. With its enhanced learning interface, real-time information inquiry and integrated design, users get up to speed with the usage and operation of the system in no time. InfoMaster makes ERP both easy and functional.

At Integrated Software Engineering, we believe in keeping things simple yet functional and comprehensive. InfoMaster ERP software is designed with this in mind. We constantly focus on solutions that are Innovative, Simple and Efficient.

InfoMaster ERP Software – Designed by business users for your business!


  • Inventory Control
  • Sales Quotation
  • Sales Order and Invoicing
  • Purchase Control
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Cash Application
  • General Ledger
  • Project Costing
  • Bill of Materials
  • Production Costing
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Batch Number Tracking


  • financial management
  • trading and distribution
  • construction and engineering
  • project costing
  • maintenance contract
  • shipping document
  • assembly and production


Welcome to DBCSoft BizControl ERP. BizControl ERP is the main product and platform of DBCSoft. It is a powerful business and operation management system developed by DBCSoft Pte Ltd locally in Singapore by Singaporean developer. It belongs to a class of software commonly know as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and contains many modules ranging from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to back-end Accounting.

Based on a robust and stable Database Engine and easy to navigate interface, BizControl incorporates the essential elements that help companies function in day-to-day business, and stores all data into a database for data mining and reporting. It is highly reliable and can be further customized to suit different industries. Hence it works for SMEs businesses as well as MNCs, with customers also running it on a 24 x 7 basis in production environment.

It serves the segment of general trading and pharma companies very well by having a very powerful and accurate set of Stock tracking capabilities. It also has many other modules serving different industries:

  • Payroll
  • Servicing (eg aircon companies)
  • HelpDesk (support companies)
  • Production with Shipment Manager (factories with production (production processes talking to PLCs, international shipment)
  • Project (Project type customers like electronic machines building or construction)
  • Pharma (with Consign,UOM,ParQty)
  • Consignment (supplier to supermarket chains, or hospital/clinic suppliers)
  • StkPriceChecker and many more.

Some of DBCSoft’s clients are Alcare Pharmaceuticals, Teo Garments, and Kee Hardware.

9.Grandeur Pinnacle

The fastest cloud ERP system for Small-Medium businesses. Boost your competitiveness with integrated, flexible and fast business processes through their cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Scaling in business made easy.

Industries: ecommerce, retail, manufacturing, construction, logistics and supply chain, food and beverage.

Clients: F1 Recreation, Reclaims Enterprises, and Calvin Seng Co.

10.Focus 9

Focus 9 is a futuristic ERP software by Focus Softnet, a leading provider IT solutions provider that helps organizations unlock their potential and generate profit from digital transformation.

It is an all-inclusive cloud ERP solution equipped with a powerful business intelligence tool, providing efficient operational workflows for organizations to grow and keep up with the market demand.

Focus 9 application helps business entities across industries to optimize accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), human capital management (HCM), and others crucial processes functioning within and outside their establishment premises.

The enterprise resource planning system is tailored to integrate operations performed in multiple departments to create a smooth flow of information throughout the organization and at all enterprise levels.

It replaces multiple complex systems and isolated applications while connecting every aspect of your business on a single platform.

As a flagship product of Focus Softnet, it has come to be recognized as one of the ground-breaking ERP software in Singapore, Malaysia and the whole Asia Pacific region.

Focus 9, a fully secure enterprise software, comes with the Single Sign-on (SSO) data security framework to provide secured access to data and applications while relieving users from handling multi-permissions challenges. Despite being built with innovative technology, it executes the benefit of having a simplified interface and provides a superior user experience.

The next generation in-memory computing engine and the advanced database architecture in Focus 9 eliminates the data variation between operational and decision systems.

The cloud ERP system’s intelligent data storing and retrieving mechanism increases the speed, accuracy, and accessibility of outcome-driven information. It can:
• Accelerate the speed of queries and reports, providing responses within seconds
• Provide access to accurate real-time data all the time
• Integrate data to provide one database for everything
• Store and provide fast access to a large volume of business information from all resources
• Actively enhance performance, cuts down cost, and simplifies business operations

Repudiating the traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ ERP system, the cloud based ERP solution has readymade templates designed for multiple industries. Each of these industry-ready templates is built with a specific set of modules to support the requirements and address the challenges of a particular industry.
• Ready-to-use business software and can be implemented without customization
• Reduce development time and cost
• Swift implementation process
• Support extensive customization to fit precise needs of a particular company
• Flexible and optimizable dashboard improve usability and allow administrators to attain a better control over operations

As a thin client application, Focus 9 offers uttermost flexibility to manage businesses on the go. As one of the best web-based ERP software, it provides:
• Access to the modules or the entire solution over the internet
• Largely lowers the server and hardware installation and maintenance cost
• Speeds-up the deployment process, with minimal disruption in the business operations
• Increases the accessibility and freedom to fetch data whenever needed
• Flexible to suit the needs of geographically dispersed organizations

The hybrid database feature in Focus 9 provides a reliable system to store massive data and run queries from the information contained at blazing fast data processing speeds. The architecture landscape includes three steps which complete the entire procedure of moving data from the clients to the database server.

Explore Focus 9’s three-tier system and the capabilities of its Pronghorn server in detail here.


  • advanced finance management
  • sales management
  • procurement management
  • accounts receivables and payables
  • inventory management
  • quality control
  • manufacturing and resource planning
  • project acccounting
  • fixed assets management
  • warehouse management
  • retail management
  • human capital management

Some of their clients are Dunkin Donuts, Yashoda Hospital, and Sunguard Products.


This Enterprise Resource Planning software is web-based and has detailed reporting and management features that provide data on order forms, invoices, balance of payments, and ledgers. An all-inclusive dashboard enables easy follow-up on project status and stock sales.

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System consist a full-fledged accounting system, Sales, Purchase and Work Order based manufacturing and BOM modules designed with user friendly interfaces. With minimum accounting background, the users can easily navigate through the menu driven interfaces and use the system at ease. Reports are ready to be generated any time with a few clicks. These reports include Profit & Loss, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, GST/VAT, Customer Balances, Sales Summary Report, Aged Customer Analysis, Inventory reports and supplier reports. Customised reports can be created upon request.

Unique Functions and Features

PayNow QR Code
Highnix systems generated invoices include the dynamic PayNow QR code automatically. The contents of the QR code change according to the Invoice payment data. It ties to the company’s bank account and payments received will be deposited to the bank accounts with the references for easy tracking. It lowers the cost of processing the payments for both customers and vendors.

PEPPOL E-Invocing
This is the international E-invoicing system which is adopted world wide including the Singapore Government. Highnix is an authorised POPPOL connection point. The system can be used to process not just invoices but also Purchase Orders from customers.

Highnix supports Language-on-demand, a feature which rarely found in any ERP systems. This feature allows users to switch among different language interface. It is very helpful for companies who employ staffs know only a certain languages such as Chinese. While it is on one language, the invoices or delivery documents can be printed on another language as specified by the users. For example, the users who use the Chinese interface can print the Sales Invoice in English.

Integration with third party’s applications:
The only ERP for SMEs that can easily integrate with other 3rd party’s Apps. This provide the maximum flexibility for users to choose the front end applications that most suit them and application data can then be sync to the ERP system. It will reduce significant amount of cost in customisation.

Various theme are available for customer to choose from. Couple with the soothing colours, the letters and figures are large and easy to read. Customers can request to make changes to the colours.

Cloud Server: Convenient in accessing, standard security. Available 24 x 7, 365 a year.

Hybrid Systems

The system can be installed on cloud, private cloud or on-premises servers Users can opt for the type of installation and may opt to switch later. All the data can be ported to the new servers. This provide great flexibility to the users preference.

Cater For All Sizes of SMEs and Businesses

Unlike other ERP systems, we have configure our ERP system into different standard systems suitable for very small business such as micro enterprises and start up to SMEs size with hundreds of employees. We encourage new startup and micro enterprises to start using our ERP than to resort to use accounting system. It is because our Business ERP is at the price point of Accounting system with more features and functions.

Micro Enterprises and New Start up: Business ERP, ERP Plus
SMEs without manufacturing/production: Business ERP, ERP Plus, Plus2, Pro
SMEs with manufacturing/production: ERP Pro-x

Some of Highnix’s customers are HiSight Electronics, Everlinks Royal Services, and Tensky International.


TigernixERP is a robust, flexible, secure, and comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Powerful and completely web-based, TigernixERP is an easy platform to unify all of your company’s business processes.

TigernixERP is complex yet simple; complex in its features and simple in its usability. With over 200 modules that are extensible and customizable, TigernixERP gives you a wide range of features and functions that integrate and automate all your business processes.

TigernixERP is rich with modules such as:

  • ERP Core Features
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Sales Force Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Bulk Email & SMS Software
  • Human Resources Management Software (HRMS)
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Software
  • Project and Costing Management Software
  • Web Based ERP System
  • Inventory Management and Purchase Order System

Some of TigernixERP’s customers are Life Mastery Academy, Pathlight School, Fuchi, Ngee Ann Academy, Swee Heng Bakery, Seiko Denki, Teck Leong Metals, Warren Golf & Country Club, and Singapore Computer Society.

13.Equip ERP

The most inclusive ERP software system to boost your business performance.

EQUIP ERP is designed for a wide range of industries, from wholesale, retail and food & beverage, to engineering, manufacturing and construction. Furnished with advanced features and complete modules, EQUIP ERP is ready to improve your business level.

Embark on your business transformation journey with us!

Here is the list of EQUIP ERP solutions:

  • Accounting System
  • Inventory Management System
  • Human Resource Management
  • School Management System
  • Project & Contract Management
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Help Desk & Ticketing System
  • Booking System
  • Manufacturing System
  • Restaurant Management System
  • Rental System
  • Point of Sales (POS)
  • Purchasing System
  • Lead Management

Some of EquipERP’s customers are Abbott, Hilti, Danone, and Bee Choo Origin Group.


Hassle-free ERP with our cloud-based online software

Deskera ERP is designed to decrease incompetence and boost your company’s productivity. Their ERP software is easy to learn and requires low maintenance while being dynamic to scale with your business.

Some of Deskera’s customers include Grant Thornton, Mitsubishi Electric, and Bank Negara Malaysia.

Purchase Management
Sales and Billing Management
Customer Management
Vendor Management
Product Management
Account Management
Item Master Management
Stock Management
Checklist Management
Inventory Reports
Financial Reports
Statutory Compliance

Some of Deskera’s customers are Clean Solutions, Diamond Aviation, Esmegen Group, Sports Fashion PTE LTD, and Sushi Tei.

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