WooCommerce Testing


Hi, so when a customer buys a product on my Woocommerce Shop, will i get an email of the order showing their email address? Also, is there a way that I can test Woocommerce without entering card info? Just for testing purposes.


WooCommerce is a free plugin and yes, when the order is succesfully created, the customer gets an email with some info about his order, and the shop admin (or whatever email you set up) will also get an email notification with some info about somebody creating a new order with their info, and also new orders are available to see in WP-Admin.

You can turn on the COD payment gateway and you can test without payment. People usually rename it to “Test Gateway” so there is no confusion. If you set up with Paypal or something, they usually have sandbox systems you can test too.

Stripe has a sandbox mode that’s dead simple and uses “dummy” credit card numbers for testing. 4242424242424242 and any 3-digit CVV2 and any expiration date in the future is a go-to because it’s easy to remember.

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