AI Company Wanted to Be More Agile

This is a success story about an AI company based in Argentina. They wanted to gain more knowledge and wanted to understand their infrastructure better with minimal effort. They needed the services to be self-administering. Their on-premise infrastructure technologies, programming tools, and their products are always changing.


The company has a lot of products and services and they needed to transform their infrastructure operations to make sure they can handle any issues or complexities as a result of the numerous offerings they have. They also wanted an external team to help them with the things that they are not adept at and can help them monitor and provide insight about security.


The company worked with an AWS Consulting Partner and conducted an AWS Well-Architected Review.

The review generated for them a risk remediation plan based on their objectives and maturity.

“Working with a company that specializes in cloud services and tells you where to go or help you improve all your processes, is very valuable. The Framework is very simple. Learning what to improve takes time and is not easy, but we are working and applying this good practice. It helps you think about your product and infrastructure in a different way.” – The Company’s Innovation Manager


The company achieved one of their biggest goals which is the ISO 27001 certification. They were also able to reduce their monthly infrastructure costs by 25%. They were able to migrate from EC2 to VPC. The company found the Well-Architected Program to be very important in their transformation.

The AWS Well-Architected Review is very useful in improving your AWS Cloud Infrastructure. It follows the Well-Architected Framework’s 5 Pillars namely: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization.

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