Zapier’s Multi-Step Flow Requires Paid Plan

So Zapier’s support reps recommended we use a “Utilities” step to be able to classify a WordPress post into a specific category depending on whatever value is indicated in a Google Sheets spreadsheet column/cell.


The problem is the reps didn’t mention that a paid plan is required. The zaps were running fine until they sent me an email out of the blue a few weeks later warning me that Zaps using a feature that requires a paid plan will be turned off if we didn’t upgrade. We’ll too bad, we are not yet in that stage of paying for a plan lol! We are still testing the waters to see if this product will even get users! lmao


We discovered IFTTT. The great thing about IFTTT is there’s no need to use a “Utilities” function. They take care of tagging a WordPress post automatically using the value from the spreadsheet. It was pretty simple and easier to use than Zapier.

The speed of setting up this automation is great. This is truly a Zero Code solution. And best of all, this is included in their free personal plan so we don’t need to worry about this automation getting turned off!