Demand Generation Support for Very


Type: B2B

Industry: Internet

Category: IoT Solutions


Product Design – Research and Discovery, UI/UX Design, Interaction Design

Mobile App Development – Cross-platform Mobile App Development (React JS, React Native), iOS Mobile Apps (Swift, Objective-C), Android Applications (Java, Kotlin)

IoT Hardware Engineering – Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing (FormLabs SLA, FDM), Advanced Hardware Debugging Tools, Crafting Functional Designs with Cutting-edge CAD Tools (OnShape, KiCAD), Seamless Collaboration with Software and Firmware Teams

IoT Software Development – Using resilient, robust languages & frameworks (React, Ruby on Rails, Python), Harnessing Elixir & Nerves for IoT development, Reliable cloud services for data hosting & management

Machine Learning Services – Model Design, Training, and Validation, Anomaly Detection, Multivariate Time Series Forecasting, Failure Prediction, State Classification (for machines/systems), Digital Twin, Data Quality Audit, Data Warehousing, Data / Machine Learning Strategy, Tools – AWS SageMaker, PyTorch, Python, Apache Airflow

Support and Maintenance – Performance Monitoring and Reporting, Quality Assurance, Bug Fixes, Proactive Updates and Security Patches, Existing Feature Enhancements, Minor Styling Changes, 24-hour Response Times


  • To continuously help generate leads for Very.
  • To create social buzz and intensify brand awareness everyday.


Scope of Services (In order of priority)

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Supplemental Marketing Activities
  4. Refining the Strategy

We can work independently or as an extension of your team. We can execute all of the services above or you can have us focus on a few or maybe shuffle according to daily tasks. The possibilities are endless and you have full control.

Activities (How we do it)

1] Email Marketing

  • Google and Web Monitoring – Monitor search results for keywords like “IoT Solutions Provider Montana” and find all marketing opportunities. We’ll start by asking the question “Where do people go when they are looking for the services that Very provides?” and follow all the trails to grab all opportunities.
  • Prospect List Building – We’ll scan relevant sites and produce a highly targeted list of audiences/prospects that are more likely to buy Very’s services. We’ll also scan job sites like Indeed, startup listings, Crunchbase, other investment news sites, niche sites, and forums to maximize opportunities.
  • Lead Generation/Email Outreach – Leverage all opportunities found from the activities above.
  • Phone Follow-ups – We’ll call select leads and move them closer to becoming customers.

Initially, we will be targeting prospects from Montana and then spread out and vice versa. Our primary target prospects are:

  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Information Security Officers
  • Engineering Vice Presidents
  • Information Technology Directors
  • Product Managers
  • Operations Leads
  • others

Primary Target Businesses:

  • Smart Energy and Utilities
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Connected Wellness

Main Geo-Targets:

  • Canada
  • USA
  • Ireland
  • UK
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

2] Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook Marketing – 3 posts/reposts a day
  • Instagram Marketing – 5 stories a day
  • Twitter Marketing – 8 tweets per day. Twitter’s daily tweet limit is 2,400 per day, we should use that to our full advantage. 8 tweets per day is harmless if we use the right #tags.
  • Linkedin Marketing – will regularly post on my Linkedin account and will also repost any post from Camunda’s Linkedin page
  • Medium Marketing – needs to be synchronized with Supplemental Content Production because Medium is a popular blogging platform and we can also tap its userbase who are mostly in the business/tech world
  • Reddit Marketing – promoting to relevant subreddits
  • Quora Marketing – answering relevant questions
  • Other Q&A Sites – marketing in sites similar to Quora

Other social media activities include optimizing accounts & pages, building followers & audiences, and posting new content.

We’ll also reach out via social media to head of large groups, clubs, meetups, societies, etc. and ask them to follow so they can engage and promote posts.

3] Supplemental Marketing Activities

  • YouTube Marketing – channel optimization, subscribing to key channels/users, etc.
  • Competitor Monitoring and Implementation – checking out similar companies and implementing their marketing best practices
  • Marketing Research – continuously improve marketing activities by learning more about the target customers
  • Paid Ads – (optional) we need to be very conservative with paid ads, keeping costs at a minimum and continuously optimizing and only scale afterwards when results pour in, best ad platforms to use are Google Display Network and Facebook Ads.

For the content ideas above, we will take whatever we can get from the website and online sources and spin them up and come up with more interesting ways to attract your audiences.


We will be creating a custom dashboard so you can monitor metrics like number of leads and prospects (emails) produced, content created, social media post impressions, click rates, monitor numbers like Twitter Followers Increase, Facebook Fans Increase, Instagram Followers Increase, and more. Data will be used to continuously refine the strategy.


To learn more about us, please view this link: TaskJock Service Team .


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