Are You Ready to Accept Crypto in Your Life?

What would you say if you can earn cryptocurrencies (that you can later convert to cash) doing things you are already doing? Would you do it? Are you willing to let go of your current browser, video-sharing platform, your social network, and others?

20M+ Brave browser users say that the answer is a resounding YES!

2.5M+ Minds social network users say YES YES YES.

189K+ DTube creators and curators say absolutely YES.

We started using these apps just a few days ago and so far we’re liking what we are seeing.


The BitTube browser respects your time and rewards your attention and it looks like Firefox! Check out BitTube browser here.

It uses AirTime Monetization to reward users and publishers. Here’s a screenshot from BitTube’s site about this:


Download Brave Browser here.

When Brave said they have a faster and better browser, we were skeptical at first because that’s what other browsers also say. But it truly is a faster and better browser and beautiful too! It even shows how many BATs we have earned so far!

BAT which stands for Basic Attention Token is what you earn while you are using Brave. You can earn these tokens while watching their ads and there are ads where you decide they’re interesting enough for you to view. Sometimes we are tempted to view some of them just so we can have more tokens but where’s the fun in it? lol

Goodbye Firefox and Chrome. Brave feels so light to use. You can really feel the difference. You should try it for yourself and earn tokens!


Take a quick look at Minds.

Minds has a simple but elegant interface and it is perfect for bloggers too.

It is a cross-platform distributed social networking service where users can earn money or cryptocurrency for using Minds, and tokens can be used to boost their posts or crowdfund other users. Minds has been described as more privacy-focused than mainstream social media networks.


DTube is a very new Youtube alternative which is very promising especially to early users.

scottcbusiness described DTube perfectly in one of his blog posts:


We really enjoy using these tools and we hope you enjoy them too and earn a boatload of cryptos in the process. 🙂 We were hoping there’s already an Operating Sytem that also rewards users with tokens but we’ve not found one yet, at least one that’s active. If you know of other apps/sites out there that reward users with cryptos, please feel free to share them below. The ones we listed above are tools that everyday users use with no effort so we hope you suggest ones similar to them. Again, we hope there’s an OS out there that we can earn crypto from, that’s a really great example. Maybe you can also suggest computer hardware such as keyboard, laptop, mouse, etc which have builtin crypto generator (We are not even sure what we are talking about here lol). By the way, we also researched on Email Service providers that reward users with crypto but didn’t find one as well. Hopefully you have some recommendations? That would be so great since we use emails most of the time.

Okay, that’s all folks! See you in the comments section below and be nice. 🙂


UPDATE 1: Dec. 4, 2020.

Boom, we found new sites/apps:


Take a quick look at

You can switch from watching DTube videos to listening to BitRadio content while working, studying, or playing games. 🙂

Their tagline is “Stream Different”. Bitradio is a community driven webradio website and their free radio service brings together more than 119,000 radio stations on a single platform. You get Bitradiocoins while listening to your favorite radio station. You can exchange them with Bitcoins or hold them to own a share of their websites and services.

Actually, we just tried testing it but it doesn’t seem to work but let’s keep it here just so we don’t forget it, lol! We’ll delete this if they still won’t work after sometime.

(Update: BitRadio is alive! Hallelujah!!! Wo-Hoo!)


Tired of sitting in front of your computer all day? It’s time to take a walk and earn some coins also. Take a look at SweatCoin.


CryptoTab is a browser which mines bitcoins while you are doing everyday tasks like browsing, watching videos, etc. They have a mobile version and desktop versions for Windows and Mac.

Learn more and install CryptoTab Browser.

UPDATE 2: Dec. 8, 2020

We removed the search engine that we listed above because they’re not really returning good search results and are displaying questionable behavior.

Not returning good search results

If you encounter or are already using the search engine we are talking about, try using these keywords “search engine pays crypto”. Check all the results and see if you can find result items showing pages/sites talking about other search engines that reward users with cryptos. Then afterwards, search the same keywords in DuckDuckGo. Compare results.

We highly recommend you skip earning tokens from a search engine and instead use DuckDuckGo if you want to get the best agenda-free search results.

Displaying questionable behavior

The search engine disabled our rewards after we earned 64 tokens a week after we started using them. They did not elaborate on why they disabled except that they found suspicious activity in our searches. Here’s a screenshot of their Rewards Disabled Message:

When we saw this we thought, it must be because we are heavy search engine users because we are also using this computer for work. But when we asked what was exactly the reason why they disabled the rewards, their rep didn’t even bother to look into it. Instead, they just asked us to create a new account and forget about our earned tokens lol.

It made us think “Hmmmm… if they really think we are using their search engine the wrong way, why are they asking us to create a new account? Are they going to restrict the new account after we earned another set of 64 tokens? lol. A lot of other questions came up.

After ignoring our next 2 emails requesting for more details on the reason why they disabled the rewards, we sent another email demanding the exact/specific suspicious activity but the rep responded only the next day (which was just around an hour ago as of writing time) and they still didn’t specify the exact activity that they consider as suspicious.

We tried so hard to understand what we were doing wrong so we can avoid doing it again. Maybe they don’t like us using their engine to search for other search engines that also reward users with cryptocurrencies lol. As mentioned above, they’re not really showing any results at all about this topic. Only DuckDuckGo is showing some results about this. From DuckDuckGo’s search results, we found at least 2 search engines that reward users: there’s an engine that pays Euros (not a crypto but still worth using as well) and a new Russian search engine that rewards users with bitcoins. We were wondering why they were not showing on the search engine we are talking about here.

Anyway, we have decided to completely let go of the search engine and instead we are now using DuckDuckGo even if it doesn’t reward us with tokens. It’s really important to get the best search results without any modification from the search engine service provider. We are not saying that they intentionally omitted those results, maybe that’s just the way their algorithm works hehe. Maybe they will start displaying better search results already after reading this update since we gave them the link to this blog post. lol

Anyways, they can keep their tokens. They are so condescending when they were implying that we only use their search engine to collect tokens lmao. This blog post was created to let people know about alternative tools that rewards them for doing things they are already doing on a regular basis without any effort. It’s absurd for them to think we’re intentionally milking tokens from them. We even kept using their search engine even after we hit their daily reward limits everyday. So for them to say we only used their engine to collect tokens is absurd.

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