Why Use Taskade Collaboration Tool

Solopreneurs, startups, and small businesses love free software :). They love free tools with the most features even #BETTER.


There’s a lot of collaboration tools out there offering freemium plans but most of them are just too limited and not really useful for struggling small teams. 

There’s a lot of choices and it can be a confusing and difficult task to figure out which is the best one for your team. Testing each of these tools and later finding out that they are not really a good fit for your processes is a big waste of time.

We were looking for a tool that allowed us to create an unlimited number of projects which represents different clients. Most of the other tools only allow you to create 3 projects.


Taskade is generous enough to give all users a Free plan that’s truly useful for small teams like TaskJock. 

Taskade allows you to create unlimited projects!

Other significant freemium features include:
–unlimited collaboration with guests
–unlimited workspace members
–unlimited workspace and subspaces


We can now really test out a collaboration tool that allows us to explore it in depth without having to use another tool for other projects. We’d like to keep everything in the same tool, who doesn’t? Taskade understands the pain of small teams with limited budget.

Use a freemium collaboration tool that treats you right. Check out all their features through the link below:


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