Prospect Generation Plan for AUP IT



INDUSTRY: Information Technology and Services

CATEGORY: IT Management

SOLUTIONS / PRODUCTS / SERVICES: CIO as a Service, Cloud Solutions, Managed Services, Strategy, Automation, Cybersecurity


  • To continuously help generate leads and prospects for AUP IT.


SCOPE OF SERVICES (In order of priority)

  1. Prospect Generation
  2. Refining the Strategy

We can work independently or as an extension of your team. We can execute all of the services above or you can have us focus on a few or maybe shuffle tasks according to your business needs. The possibilities are endless and you have full control.



Task 1 – List Building

We’ll produce a highly targeted list of leads that are more likely to hire AUP IT. We’ll scan relevant websites and extract target prospects.

Source Websites:

  • Linkedin
  • Job Sites Like Indeed
  • Startup Listings
  • CrunchBase
  • Axios
  • Other investment news sites
  • Other niche sites
  • Forums

Web Research and Monitoring – We’ll scan search engine results for keywords like “Cybersecurity Consultants Sydney” and find all marketing opportunities. We’ll start by asking the question “Where do people go when they are looking for the solutions that AUP IT provides?” and follow all the trails to grab all opportunities. We’ll also forward findings that need to be acted upon by the Head of Marketing.

Initially, we will be targeting prospects from Sydney and then spread out and vice versa. Our primary geo-targets are Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Canada, and USA.

Primary Target Businesses:

  • City Governments
  • Logistics
  • Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Water
  • others

Primary Target Prospects:

  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Information Security Officers
  • Engineering Vice Presidents
  • Information Technology Directors
  • others

Task 2 – Engagement Activities

Outreach Emails

  • Leverage all opportunities found from the activities above. We’ll create and optimize outreach emails designed to convert first touch emails into hot leads.

Sales/Marketing Emails

  • Successive stages post Outreach stage. We’ll continuously create, develop, and optimize sales and marketing emails to transform prospects into leads.

Phone Follow-ups

  • We’ll call select leads and move them closer to becoming customers. We’ll also reach out to these leads via Social Media and other channels.



We will be creating a custom dashboard so we can monitor the following metrics:

  • number of leads and prospects produced
  • email replies – not interested, not ready (callback/follow-up), opt out, etc.
  • email open rate
  • email click rate
  • number of discovery meetings scheduled
  • social media followers
  • social media posts
  • social media post impressions
  • social media click rates


Understanding the numbers that need to improve and coming up with the best solution ideas to make the existing strategy better. The analysis will be documented and tracked as well.


Continuously refine and improve the demand generation operations by implementing the best ideas from the analysis above. The implementation will be documented and tracked too.


To learn more about us, please view this link: TaskJock Service Team .

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