Interesting Crypto Projects #01

We stumbled upon 2 cool crypto projects:

1] Permission

Your data is an asset. Big Tech makes money off your data but you don’t. Permission wants to change this by compensating you for your data.

You have full control of what data you want to share and you can connect your online accounts in so you get ads and content that’s right for you.

Through permission marketing and using their Data Algebra technology, Permission pulls all of your data and analyze it to show you perfectly targeted ads or serve up content that you want to engage with.

Their model is somewhat similar to what Brave Browser does because Brave also rewards users with tokens if they engage with ads. The difference is that Brave is kinda shy to ask their users for their data and instead just serve up random ads and if the user is interested and clicks on the ads, they get BAT tokens.

Permission builds up on what Brave does and makes it even better by asking users for their data and show them relevant ads and content via permission marketing. Permission’s coin is called ASK.

You will get rewarded with ASK coins when you engage with merchants and vendors.

As of writing time, January 1, 2021 (GMT+8), ASK coin’s rank in CoinMarketCap is 1,325 out of 8,153 other cryptocurrencies.


If gains traction, the price could go up just like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top cryptocurrencies. Do you like this project? Do you believe in their mission? If yes, you should start using and support them. 🙂

Get free 100 ASK coins by signing up here.

Here’s a nice video about Permission:

2] MintMe

Do you want to create your own cryptocurrency? 🙂

You can accomplish that through MintMe.

This is what rappers Lil Yachty and Lil Pump probably used to create their own cryptos. 😀

And by the way, they are really hot right now:


That’s all folks!

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