Publish Content and Earn Cryptocurrencies

The following are some apps you can use to post and host content in addition to your existing blog and regular guest postings. Whether you’re an employee or a business owner, these platforms can help you generate additional revenue.

Depending on your content, engagement, account activity, and other variables, you can collect tokens or digital currencies which you can convert to cash later on.



PlatformDescriptionWhat’s Special About It
Read.CashPublishing/Blogging Platform for Authors WorldwideUsers earn Bitcoin Cash, one of the most stable cryptocurrencies.
Publish0xEarn Cryptocurrency for BloggingIt incentivizes both writers and readers.
CrowdHoldingAn Open Innovation PlatformYou can help businesses improve their products or services by sharing your insights.
MindsThe Leading Alternative Social NetworkThey have over 2.5M registered users as of writing time.
Sapien.NetworkSocial Media Built for HumansThey have a fresh business model.
TrybeCrypto Knowledge Sharing CommunityIt is built on EOS which is one of the most stable coins.



  • You can write blog posts here and earn if you gather enough up-votes or if you get sponsored.
  • Kinda hard to figure out where to see your upvote earning stats. It is still a mystery to be honest.
  • Visit Read.Cash


  • It is a crypto agnostic publishing platform that is compared to Medium.
  • Readers have the option to send a micro tip to the authors and get a portion of the tip for themselves.
  • Visit Publish0x


  • Entrepreneurs can build better businesses through the wisdom of the crowd.
  • Users can earn rewards providing feedbacks on projects.
  • The crowd gets rewarded with YUP and ERC20 tokens.
  • Visit CrowdHolding


  • Users get paid for creating content, driving traffic, and referring friends.
  • Minds has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Wired Magazine, TechCrunch, The Joe Rogan Experience, Fox News, Independent, and Reuters.
  • According to Wired, Minds is the anti-Facebook that pays you for your time.
  • Visit Minds


  • Sapien provides a community-driven experience.
  • It enables you to profit from your social contributions.
  • It is a platform built to be a home for collaborative co-creation, improvisation, and the rules are set at the community-level, decided and enforced by members and leaders.
  • Visit Sapien.Network


  • It is a social learning platform for cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts.
  • Users get rewarded by the community in the Trybe token that can be exchanged for any other currency.
  • The better your content, the higher the reward!
  • Visit Trybe


We really believe some of these social media apps are the future not only because they promise free speech and zero or low censorship, but also because of the fact that they reward their users.

There are some alternative networks that are exploding right now like Parler and Gab but they don’t give users some form of rewards. Maybe they will soon or maybe not especially if they gain a considerable amount of users. We think these new breed of alternative social networks rewarding users have an advantage though.


PlatformDescriptionWhat’s Special About It
AppicsReward-based Social MediaThey have a store.
Arro.ioThe Fairest Social NetworkThey have a POS Cryptocurrency Machine.
CryptosDayGlobal Crypto Social NetworkIt’s a great place for people to learn and share crypto info.
KarmaApp.ioSocial Media for GoodThey are encouraging users to be not evil.
MambyThe Social Network That Matches Your InterestsTailored personal home feed powered by AI.
MyLotMake Money, Make FriendsIt doesn’t pay crypto but it is an interesting platform.
SociallWe’re Reinventing Social NetworkingSociall is very heavy on privacy and security.
SocialX.NetworkNext Level Social MediaEveryone can earn crypto token rewards.
Voice“Social Media Platform For Real People”State-of-the-art Authentication
WeYouMe.ioSocial Media With A Positive PurposeOne Account, Many Apps
WhaleShares.ioDecentralized Social SocietyIt is frustrating to create an account here.



  • Users share, vote, and earn on content.
  • It is using the APX token.
  • They provide additional services for influencers and brands.
  • The app can be used on either Android or iOS devices only.
  • Visit Appics

  • Users get rewarded with the ARRO crypto tokens that they can use on goods and services.
  • They get paid on watching ads, clicking links, or publishing content.
  • Arro is very serious about privacy and protecting user data.
  • They are the Robin Hood of the Social Media world according to their website.
  • Visit


  • Users can share crypto experiences, connect with communities, and socialize.
  • They can earn CRDY tokens from their social activities on the network.
  • They can request payment to be sent to their Ethereum wallets or they can convert their points to ad credits.
  • Visit Cryptosday

  • Karma is a social network designed for those who create the value, to actually earn it.
  • Users are incentivized to do good, share positive and original content and receive KARMA from every like their content receives.
  • Everyday, you can claim your earnings from the prior day.
  • Visit


  • Mamby is a new way to discover the content you love.
  • From images to videos, quotes and GIFs, you’re sure to find something that’ll spark some inspiration.
  • Use the like and dislike buttons to teach the algorithm.
  • Mamby aims to integrate all main social networks into one: you will only see what you want and when you want.
  • Another great advantage of Mamby is the easy monetization for content generators.
  • Visit Mamby


  • MyLot is an enormous discussion board, blogging community, questions and answers hub, social network, and online hangout that pays you for your valuable contributions.
  • Visit MyLot


  • It lets you share your story without sharing your user data.
  • It keeps your posts private and stops search engines from indexing your profile.
  • Sociall’s contributors span 125 countries across the globe.
  • Visit Sociall


  • Users can Superlike photos and videos and get Financial Recognition.
  • SocialX is still at Beta Waitlist as of writing time.
  • They also offer a prepaid credit card and an online store.
  • Visit SocialX.Network


  • Voice Tokens allow users to make their voices heard.
  • They can use their tokens to promote the content they like which rewards the creator and increases the visibility of the content.
  • Members of the Voice community earn the same amount of Voice Tokens each day.
  • Visit Voice

  • It rewards content creators by voting on, and viewing their posts.
  • Users can sell premium content, or earn subscriptions from their audience for their exclusive content.
  • It rewards community moderators and community leaders for their curation and oversight.
  • Users get to choose their own community guidelines, implement their own curation strategy, and integrate their own advertising.
  • Visit

  • Post about topics that you like and engage with other users who share them!
  • You can create and share artworks, photos, poetry, politics, or whatever else is on your mind.
  • Network with communities of like-minded individuals who share your interests.
  • You can also comment and give tips to content shared by others to show your appreciation.
  • Your account includes a built-in wallet to manage your earned and staked WLS tokens.
  • Visit


The following are front-end interfaces to the same block chain back-end called HIVE Blockchain. You can access any of these interfaces using the browser extension Hive Keychain. You can pick your favorite front-end and publish content there.


PlatformDescriptionWhat’s Special About It
EcencyHot Topics Social NetworkEcency offers uncensored, free, limitless, rewarding platform for content creators.
PeakdYour Entry Point to the Decentralized WorldA version of on the HIVE blockchain.
Hive.blogSocial Media of the Attention was created by former employees at Steemit.



  • Ecency offers website, mobile, and desktop apps for ease of access and with best security in mind.
  • Ecency points are continually minted and rewarded for all users for various social activities they perform on the website, mobile, or desktop app.
  • Points earned could be utilized within the platform and traded for goods or services or can be used for promoting, boosting your own content, and transferring / gifting to other users.
  • Visit Ecency


  • Posts will exist on many sites (separate interfaces to Hive)
  • Content on the HIVE blockchain itself is censorship resistant
  • Posts can earn small economic rewards
  • PeakD allows you to customize your creation and viewing experience in many ways
  • Visit Peakd

  • It is free to post, comment, and vote on content and users might even get paid for it.
  • Users can earn digital tokens by posting, voting and curating content, purchasing tokens, and vesting.
  • Hive is a system where users compete for attention and rewards by bringing content and adding value to the platform.
  • Visit


Just like the Hive platforms above, the following apps are front-end interfaces; and connect to a block chain called STEEM.


PlatformDescriptionWhat’s Special About It
SteemPeakInterface for Steem BloggingIntuitive User Experience for Steem
SteemitBlogging and Social Media SiteIt is one of the pioneering sites that introduce crypto rewards to its user base.



Future Features:

  • Communities
  • Creator Economic Support (auto donations, auto votes)
  • Messaging
  • More notification options
  • More content exploration tools
  • More mobile features and design
  • Faster/cheaper ability to have an account
  • More education of new users
  • More ways users/creators can make money
  • More statistical analysis
  • More integration with other STEEM solutions
  • Visit SteemPeak


  • Users get rewards for publishing and curating content.
  • By voting on posts and comments, users get to decide the payout of those posts.
  • Users also get Curation Rewards for finding and upvoting content that gets upvoted by other users afterwards.
  • Visit Steemit



PlatformDescriptionWhat’s Special About It
UpTrenndGet Rewarded To PostEvery upvote earns you tokens.
Cent.coA network for Universal Creative Income.They claim to be the world’s first incentivized “creativity exchange”.
Murmur dAppMicroblogging ReimaginedAllows users to trace the origins of any story to help prevent fake news.
Weku.ioSocial Media PlatformEveryone gets paid for creating and curating content.
Blurt.buzzPublish. Get Upvotes. Earn.It is’s sister website.
Blurt.blogA World of Social Liberty and FairnessIt looks like and seems trendy.



  • When others provide value in the form of content. Send them Upvotes. It’s 100% free!
  • Getting exposure can be hard. Don’t worry though, you can use tokens to get in front of people!
  • When you engage, you earn. Leveling up increases the amount of tokens you earn per upvote.
  • Visit UpTrennd

  • Creators can earn income creating content, sharing their perspective, and curating responses.
  • It is powered by Ethereum.
  • Users can support creators by giving them a set amount of money on a monthly basis.
  • Visit

Murmur dApp

  • Murmur allows users to monetize their content.
  • It is a gateway to a broad ecosystem where users connect with each other openly and engage with new-age apps in gaming, betting, media and streaming, and more.
  • Using Murmur requires you to have an EOS blockchain account. To activate your account, you must stake EOS tokens.
  • Visit Murmur dApp

  • It is a Blockchain-based Creative Content and Social Network Platform with Rewards.
  • All participants in the valuable contribution of WeKu social media and online communities are rewarded with incentives and financial rewards this includes both for content authors as well as registered visitors.
  • Visit

  • A social media where users get rewarded by curators for sharing their original content.
  • There are no flags or downvotes here.
  • Earn digital tokens by posting, voting, curating, and staking.
  • You will need to pay around $3 (USD) to have an account.
  • Visit

# 6] NICHE


PlatformDescriptionWhat’s Special About It
Smoke.ioThe First Decentralized Cannabis NetworkIt is built for the cannabis community!
ScorumSports Ecosystem Where Everyone’s RewardedIt focuses on sports topics which is fun if you are rooting for certain teams.


Here are some user reviews:

  • Well, where do I start? The app is flawless, the service is flawless, the chain is amazing and stable. So come join and share your cannabis photo stories and more!
  • This app is very user-friendly! I highly recommend it to all smokers!!!
  • Great app!!! Smoke. Get Paid. Repeat!
  • Visit


  • Scorum is built by fans for fans.
  • It is the best in crowd-sourced sports coverage from around the world.
  • Both creators and curators get rewards.
  • Community members get paid for publishing posts, voting, commenting, and uploading photos.
  • Visit Scorum



PlatformDescriptionWhat’s Special About It
RevainUser Reviews on BlockchainRevain is the Yelp of the Crypto World.
BravoCoinGet Paid to Write ReviewsThey claim to be the internet’s first decentralized consumer review platform.
Yup.ioMoney and Clout For Your Likes and RatingsThey are an Overweb.
LunyrDecentralized World Knowledge BaseRewards users with app tokens for peer-reviewing and contributing information.



  • Users search for reviews and share their own experience.
  • They earn tokens by writing high-quality reviews and influence Revain’s platform rankings.
  • Revain’s goal is to give the crypto community a single source of trustworthy feedbacks about projects, exchanges and other crypto entities.
  • Visit Revain


  • It pays its community for writing and rating reviews of restaurants, hotels, services, movies, video games, and more.
  • BRAVO tokens are awarded automatically to members with the best community validated content.
  • The app can be used on either Android or iOS devices only.
  • Visit BravoCoin

  • Build influence & earn money for liking and rating any content from across the web.
  • Likes, ratings, and other reactions are tracked as actions on Yup.
  • You’ll have to install the Yup Extension to use this app.
  • If someone rates the same content as you, you earn YUP tokens and your Influence Score increases!
  • We wish just automatically records any like we do on social media sites. That would be less work. đŸ™‚
  • Visit


  • Users are able to contribute and review information for rewards.
  • Lunyr also has an advertising platform.
  • Lunyr aims to be the starting point of the internet for finding reliable, accurate information.
  • Their long-term vision is to develop a knowledge base API that developers can use to create next generation decentralized applications in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and more.
  • Visit Lunyr


Although these apps don’t qualify as content publishing platforms, you can earn cryptos just by reading content that interests you. If you want to focus on just producing content, you might want to consider applying as a writer in one of these sites. They could take off one of these days.


PlatformDescriptionWhat’s Special About It
DecryptEarn tokens as you read.Users earn tokens while reading about decentralized web content.
MultraGet Paid For ReadingThe MulTra News App pays you for reading news.


  • As of writing time, there’s around 61,200 people on the waitlist.
  • Users will be able to spend the tokens in their reward store.
  • Decrypt is a news website about cryptocurrencies in general and the decentralized web in particular.
  • Visit


  • Multra News App is a news aggregator that uses AI to consolidate news based on reader’s interests into an all-in-one personalized experience.
  • Multra tokens ensure news content monetization.
  • Mass adoption of MulTra Token is ensured because it’s the first cryptocurrency for millions of people entering the crypto world for the first time by simply reading news.
  • Visit Multra

If you think there are inaccurate info in this post, please don’t be shy to let us know! We are not experts so we don’t mind learning from the ones who really have in-depth knowledge on these platforms. đŸ™‚

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By the way, try Uhive.

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