Social Networks

The following are decentralized social networks which are censorship-resistant and rewards you with cryptocurrencies or tokens.


Facebook Alternative

  • You can earn money or crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • You can also earn tokens which you can use to boost your posts or crowdfund other users.
  • Wired Magazine said that Minds is the Anti-Facebook that pays you for your time.

Create your account at Minds

Sapien Network

Twitter Alternative

  • You can earn “SPN” tokens.
  • Rewards content creators
  • Put users back in control of their data
  • Fights fake news
  • “Privacy-focused social platform of the future”
  • “The social network that puts humans first”

Create your account at Sapien Network


Twitter Alternative

  • You can earn Ethereum crypto.
  • No ads.
  • You own your data.
  • Runs on the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS.
  • Only allows 1 like per day called “Enso”.

Create your account at Peepeth


Youtube Alternative

  • You can earn “LBC” crypto.
  • Open and free digital content network
  • People-first video platform
  • “The successor of Youtube.”

Create your account at Odysee


Youtube Alternative

  • You can earn “BTT” crypto.
  • Both content creators and viewers get rewarded
  • Also a Twitch alternative
  • Livestreaming community

Create your account at dLive


Pinterest Alternative

  • You earn Dlike tokens
  • Users get rewarded for sharing content
  • Similar to Reddit too
  • Reward system is based on “Proof of Likes”

Create your account at dLike

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